For example, the recommended SPF for dark skin in very intense sunlight is 30.

Very strong 50+ 50 30 20
Strong 50 30 20 10
Moderate 30 20 10 10
Weak 30 20 6 or 10 6 or 10
Very light & kids Light Dark Very dark SKIN TYPE

Should I use sun protection?

SOLEIL NOIR products protect against both UVA (responsible for skin ageing) and UVB (responsible for sunburn) rays.
Consult the chart to safely enjoy the benefits of sunshine.

Why should I use sun protection?

The sunlight our skin is exposed to depends on a range of factors.

  • Altitude: the amount of UVB increases by 4% for every 300 metres of altitude. In the mountains, the intensity of sunlight increases by 13% for every 1,000 metres of altitude.
  • The type of ground: the reflective power varies between snow (85%), sand (17%), water (5%) and grass (3%). Did you know that UV rays are 80% more intense when they are reflected off snow or ice? For these various reasons, it is recommended that the epidermis be protected against sunburn, but also against dehydration caused by the cold, wind and dryness in the air. As such, the latest official recommendations advise that products used should act against both UVA and UVB rays. This is where the entire SOLEIL NOIR protective range comes in.

Why is it just as important to protect the lips?

The lips can easily become chapped when exposed to intense sunlight, extreme cold and high mountain winds.
Protect them with a high protection water-free product such as the SOLEIL NOIR Lip Balm.
This product guarantees high SPF 30 protection and also contains 2% shea butter and 2% aloe vera for improved hydration.

Will sunscreen stop me from tanning?

NO. Quite the opposite. Your final tan will be more beautiful and last longer.
Sunscreen prevents your skin from burning and flaking, and protects against premature ageing. A gradual tan is less dangerous, more even and more long-lasting.

How long can sunscreen be used for?

The '12 M' logo on the back of the bottles indicates that the product can be used for 12 months once opened. Check the number of months on the logo.